Assumptions 1, 2014
Installation at A.I.R Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Assumptions 1 presents an installation that provides multiple perspectives for self reflection. The floor art is created using materials such as rice flour, sand, and spices, and the paintings using acrylics and mixed media.

An assumption is a thing that is accepted as true without proof. The artist notes on the series “We are constantly making assumptions about others or ourselves that constrains our mental process. Every now and then, we need to detach ourselves from these assumptions to let new thoughts flow in and feel the change in ourselves and in our perceptions of all that surrounds us”. The animated text projected here comes from the NYC community, who share their thoughts on assumptions they make or face on a regular basis. By emphasizing the ephemeral nature of the art through recreating it along with the changing text, the artist hopes to help catalyze the process of clearing away our assumptions.