Art Fast

Curated & Produced by Jayanthi Moorthy

Art Fast is an experiment in cultural mapping, a way for people to experience another culture through a medium/practice that they best understand and relate to. The aim is to share the essence of Navratri, a South-East Asian Hindu festival celebrating the divine feminine that resides within all beings. Navratri is a 9-day festival, with each day dedicated to a form of the Goddess Durga. Hindus typically fast on these days and immerse themselves in spiritual practices while they engage in community interactions. 

This is how it works: During the 9 days participants will create works everyday based on the challenges they have laid down for themselves. They will do this in their own workspaces. On signing up they agree to share their challenge and inputs via images, text, audio or video and these are in turn shared with other participants during the fast period. After that they are shared as an exhibit in a salon like event in New York City. 

During the 9 days participants in New York City are encouraged to participate in exclusive and unique cultural events organized around town (4-5 events). These events are produced in collaboration with art organizations and acclaimed artists, designers and performers of New York City. The potpourri of events differ every year and they include events like art workshops, music and dance performances, creative salons etc., all inspired by the spirit of the festival. These events are mostly free and open to public. 

Art Fast participants have reported to having breakthroughs in their art and creative practice. Art Fast hopes to bring artists, creatives and the public together through a shared cultural experience. 

A.I.R Gallery, Barnard College, Re:Artise, Indo-American Arts Council, SoHo Photo Gallery, Asian American Arts Alliance

Rajika Puri, Ann Pachner, Daria Dorosh, Ajit Menon, Jay Jaidev, Ajna Dance Company, Aeilushi Mistry

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